Bhavik spent 106 days crossing the Atlantic ocean in a 23 ft rowing boat, setting a new world record.  He has completed two human powerd continental crossings of 8000 km across Asia and 3000 km Europe. 

At Sea

Atlantic Record

Spending 106 days alone at sea, in a 23 foot boat, rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic ocean from Spain to the Antigua.

Offshore Sailing

In some of the toughest conditions and classic races on the sailing circuit, Gotland Runt, Volvo Ocean Race and Americas Cup.


Reef and wreck diving in South Africa, Mozambique, Israel, Panama, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Caribbean, Canary Islands.

On Land

Across Asia

Crossing the continent from Helsinki to Hong Kong via Siberian Russia, Mongolia, and China in the winter.

Across Europe

Cycling 3000 km from Stockholm to Istanbul across Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece and Turkey.

The Himaliyas

5000 m up in the Himaliyas around the Markha Valley and Kingdom of Ladakh.



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