Bhavik has spoken to audiences ranging from school children to board-level directors of some of the world's largest multinationals. 

 Early on in the row I had encountered terrible weather for a long period of time, the boat had been immersed several times by breaking waves, the rudder and flag mounting had cracked by the force of the waves and my tiny cabin was filling with water.

I spent nine hours stripping the inside of the cabin, removing wet belongings and fixing the leaks. The contents were then secured on deck so as not be washed away. I bailed gallons of water from under the floor and realized that a number of crucial spares had been damaged. Finally I stripped out of my wet clothes and huddled on the cabin floor.

The next time I was able to step on deck safely was nearly 3 days later. That experience was a low but what it did do was make the high that much greater .

- on a leaking boat in the middle of the Atlantic


Bhavik created history by rowing 4500 km, solo and unsupported across the Atlantic ocean, spending 106 days alone at sea. Bhavik has also completed human powered continental crossings across Asia and Europe.

Bhavik is a rising sporting personality in the Yachting world and one of few who have ever crossed an ocean and a content under human power. Bhavik was voted amongst the top 5 sports personalities of the year by Outside Magazine.


Not just a man with an interesting story, Bhavik walks the talk in the business world. With his background in business and engineering, he delivers something special.

He is ideally qualified to take his experience, insights and personal lessons learnt from the many challenges he has faced and relate them to the corporate world.

Key themes and powerful messages:

> Visualising your goals and staying focused
> Evaluating and managing risk in unpredictable conditions
> How to perform when doubt, fear and caution threaten success
> Achieving high performance in competitive, risky and tough environments
> Staying motivated especially when it gets tough and over the long-haul
> Resilience, achieving under pressure, without sleep in tough environments
> Facing the tough realities of change, challenge and competition
> Sustainability, innovation and technology with limited resources
> Self belief and mental endurance for entrepreneurs and managers


Bhavik has considerable experience as a speaker and has the ability to engage audiences who face tough decisions as leaders themselves. 

His overwhelming positivity, sense of humour and 'go for it' attitude are contagious.
Often very emotive, he shares his highs and lows, personal battles and victories during his voyage, to help illustrate in a very human way that we are all capable of the extraordinary.

His philosophy of ongoing personal growth will inspire his audiences to aspire, achieve and advance towards their goals both individually and collectively.

Bhavik delivers authentic, entertaining and memorable talks, powerfully illustrated with stunning images and video footage and humorous anecdotes.

Each speech is tailored with company and industry specific information.


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